Welcome to my workshop!

As one day I could not afford the one of my dreams, I decided to make it. It took me such a while to fulfil that dream… maybe too much? But don't I have your own dreams?
I can only offer you my skills in all domains where I can excel: design, manufacturing concepts, and electronics and of course, the reason I'm sill living for, this unconditional passion for musical instruments. Could it be more than a simple instrument? I mean this kind of tool which will drive you over your own limits; the one you'll finally call "She"!
This website is not pretending in any way to be an exhaustive list of all Atelkof's range, but only an overview of what has been done so far. Setting up a catalog of custom made instruments would only be an illusion as by definition, they will only exist through your demand.

Your sincerely,

(2005, april 30th)



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A page of history...

Small copies from August 1975 - www.huort-ch.com

Since 1975 when I first copy mythic instruments, it's only in last 1982 that I produced my first professional works. I do not want to forget all the peoples who helped me during all these years, to get over all the difficulties I met to reach my aim.

First realises between early 1987 to 1989 - www.huort-ch.com

Born in France (Charente-Maritime) in 1963, I grew up in the Ivory Coast until September 1977. I first attended industrial courses in mechanics, electronics and chemistry.

As the passion grew, and for the lack of other possibilities of training, I used my technical knowledge to work in the luthery. My first guitar was born in early 1982 with the precious help of my Gran Father. After I had made about ten instruments I finally joined Maurice Dupont in Cognac (France) in August 1991 where I spent eight years.

In August 1999, looking for new experiences, I decided go back to the metallurgy and share the daily environnement of middle-sized industries in a logistics department. I have happy memories of this period and I learnt so many things (logistic, internationnal trade, customers support, computers use and data works, ... and human values).
I also adopted against my better judgement, a very amazing character who will be your guide in this website.

First workshop in l&héraudière(86) - www.huort-ch.com
First workshop in l&héraudière (86) - www.huort-ch.com
First workshop in l&héraudière(86) - www.huort-ch.com

During May 2013 I decided to move to a new and more comfortable place. Parthenay (79) is a small town that offers many advantages and more efficiency than bigger ones. My "mark-II" workshop is now completely operational!

View of the old town of Parthenay (79) - www.huort-ch.com
The workshop in Parthenay (79) - www.huort-ch.com
Inside the workshop in Parthenay (79) - www.huort-ch.com


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Contact, path & global information


Manager : Christophe Huort / Compagny identification number ( Siret ) : 484 280 433 00026

- We receive you only upon rendez-vous -

E-mail: contact@huort-ch.com
Phone: 00-33-549-697-318
Cellular: 00-33-680-155-347
Fax: 00-33-549-697-318
Postal address:
Atelkof Lutherie (Huort Christophe)
21-23, rue de la Saunerie
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For those who use a GPS, just type the following points and store them in your device...
G.P.S. points: N46.648107 N, W0.250691

... Or follow this link to see the exact place or the workshop.


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About the website...

You are located through near 120 countries!

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