The Single Cutaway Bass... another path in the bass styles


A Single Cutaway Bass?... Why not?

Whether you like the single cutaway designs or not, it now appears as evidence that the "Single Cut" models come as an alternative concept in the bass world. So we can observe, as usually, the same division between fans and critics.
As a personal confidence, I was not a regular fan of some massive drawings I could see on the web or sometimes coming in my workshop. However, my main rule is not to decide "on what side of the border line I have to stay", but to think about what could be my "professional" view on this design. As I always pretend: I do not draw instruments for me, but for you!
In fact it happened one afternoon. A customer was exposing his project when he added: "... I know you don't have something looking like... but could you please draw a Single Cut bass?"
So why not? (I said to me). Yes there's a comfort in facility, but I always feel something motivating and so exiting in a more difficult path...


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The Single Cutaway pictures gallery

Model shown: Single Cutaway "Blurr birch", ebony fingerboard (Customer's item) - Picture are only suggestion - ©Huort Ch. 2016 /

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Main technical characteristics, options - Lead time delivery

Main features:

• Body: alder or mahogany (ask for others woods...)
• Neck: through-neck (hard maple), 24 frets, rosewood fingerboard, 34" scale, radius variable
• Electronique : Préampli SRX-2 avec mode passif vrai (Autres électroniques possibles)
• Accastillage chrome, doré ou nickel noir
• Tuners: Hipshot® MHB or Gotoh® "Res-O-Lite"
• Colours: most colours, gloss satin or matt finishes
Others options (...any other demand may be practicable):

• Ebony, rosewood, bicolour fingerboards
• Set neck, others scales form 32" up to 36" Tenor bass
• 30" Tenor/Piccolo bass scale
• Colours: most colours and carbon cloth finishes
• Active electronics from 2 to 4 bands graphic or parametric options
• Luminous RGB dots

4, 5, 6 strings versions (or more...), fretted or fretless, headed or headless. Should you nee a personal quotation for your custom project, please feel free to send me an email.
Average delivery: about 4 to 6 months from order confirmation and deposit validation (may vary upon workshop schedule charge).

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